Super Slacker


Dear Oliver,

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written so this might turn out to be very long.  Sorry.  Mommy’s been slacking.

You just started school about a month ago!  You handle separation well.  Usually Mondays are rough for you because of the transition but when your teacher gives you a few books you settle right down.  Oliver you must promise me to never lose that love of books.  Don’t let technology make you lose sight of how comforting a real book can be.  Even though you aren’t speaking words you still have a love for them.  You study them.  You and I are the only readers in the house so I hope that we can share that love for life.

In June I went to San Diego for two weeks.  It was the very first time I have left you.  I went again in August for ten days.  I visited my friend Adam.  Mommy needed time to just be.  Sometimes to care for someone else you must first care for yourself.  I think that this has been a help with the separation you face when going to school.

You have a book bag and a chew necklace so you keep toys out of your mouth.  The bus picks you up and drops you off in front of the house.  Everytime you get on that bus you take a piece of me with you and I don’t feel whole again until you bring it back with you in the afternoon.

You are the most interesting person I have ever met.  The way your mind works is fascinating.  You line everything up and it’s always spaced and lined up flawlessly.  You look at anything that lines up.  Electric poles, the brackets on stair banisters, or bricks on a fire-place.  Once you took all the condiments out of the refrigerator and lined them up.  Then you took toys and balanced them on top of the bottles.  The most impressive being the watering can on top of the A-1 bottle.  When I showed my friend he told me he wouldn’t be surprised if you grew up to be an engineer or an architect.  I just want you to grow up to be Oliver.  That’s more than good enough for me.

You have a friend whose name is Hayley.  She is also three.  You interact with her so well and its neat to see you play with someone.  You’ve also caught on to who that little boy is that stares back at you and copies your every move in the mirror.  This means you recognize yourself which is huge!  You find yourself enchanting and giggle and make all kinds of faces.

This will be your first real fall where the bright leaves come out to play.  We will go out and collect some.  You still love the outdoors.  You have begun to mimic.  Some words have meaning and others you only say if someone says it to you.  This is known as echolalia.  It doesn’t mean that you don’t understand the words.  It just means you aren’t sure when its the right time to say them.

You are very interested in patterns.  Music, numbers, colors, shapes, or objects.  You even create your own patterns that are sometimes hard for even me to figure out! Once I do I am in awe.  Mommy has never been good with patterns so to see it come so easy to you is ultra amazing.

This week you have been getting over an ear infection and a cough.  Still very pleasant as always.  Never complaining and always smiling.  It’s amazing how sweet your soul is.  I love you my Oliver! Thank you for loving me back.




One thought on “Super Slacker

  1. it’s so good to see both of you again. you are each reaching out into the world, baby steps, venturing into what you need to do to grow. it’s true, you must take care of yourself in order to help take care of someone else. what an amazing boy he is. best, beth

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