Putting Things in Order

Dear Oliver,

I thought that maybe you wouldn’t be one of those children that lines things up, but you, my dear, have proven me wrong.  The house is decorated with little people and blocks all lined up and perfectly spaced.  All facing the same way and I love it!  You constantly move back and forth looking at all the things that you have lined up and you study them.  You are very particular about how you position them and if one is off by even a millimeter you move it to where you want it to be.  You are so interesting and I love watching you think.  I love that you play with toys now and that you enjoy your day.  This makes me so happy!

We are waiting on a call to get you into school. I am excited for you, but sad for me because I will miss you tremendously.  Oliver you make every day so much fun and I love you so so much!!!! Keep lining things up baby.  I promise you I won’t move them.  I will adore your decorations and the house is so much more fun.  I love you my Oliver.



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