The Beach

Dear Oliver,

  Today is Thursday May 8th and we have been here at the Disney resort at Vero Beach since Monday afternoon.  Monday was Gwendolynne’s 13th birthday and she asked to stay here for a week as her getaway.  The last time you were here you were much smaller.  Just over a year old I think.  You loved it because you could wander all over the resort while I followed you around.  There is a pool with a splash zone for little ones and then the pier that leads to the beach.  Both have gates and you can’t open them without a room key.  There are palm trees, beautiful hibiscus flowers, a grassy field, a bonfire every night, and all kinds of activities. Since one of your favorite things to do is explore outside I was positive you were going to love this week! 

  At first the only place you wanted to be was in the lobby.  It’s very big with lots of room to run and there is a staircase leading up to the second floor.  On Tuesday I got you ready to head outside and as soon as we left the lobby you started to cry.  We got to the pool gate and I was sure that once you saw the pool and the kid area you would be hooked.  You weren’t impressed and cried some more.  There is mini golf right beside a playground by the pool.  There were two people playing and the ball they were using caught your eye.  I had to pick you up as you protested and I somehow got us both into the pool.  You were crying at first but after I began to dance with you in the water and sing to you in your ear you slowly settled down.  After about 5 minutes the sounds, people, smells, and strangeness of it all was overwhelming and you were ready to leave the pool. 

  When coming out of the gate you can see the ocean at the end of a pier and something intrigued you enough to want out of my arms so you could go check it out.  The pier ends and you can either stand there and look at the ocean or you can go to the gates on your right or left and you chose to head right.  It was comical to watch your walking go from carefree to determined when you hit deep sand.  You weren’t too sure about the sand and didn’t really want to touch it and you especially did not like that it sticks to you when you are wet.  I somehow got you close enough to the waves so that the water washed over your feet and you did enjoy that but you were cautious and didn’t want to stay long.  I was devastated because my plan has always been to get a place by the sea when Gwendolynne graduates high school.  I wanted you to have the waves at night with a breeze carrying the smell of the ocean into your room.  The ocean is my therapy.  The waves my favorite sound.  I brought you back up to the room where your nanny waited for you and you became relaxed and happy feeling secure and in control. 

  Yesterday nanny decided that she was going to come with us so she could help with you.  She was sure that with baby steps you would enjoy the water and even though I was not looking forward to the idea of possibly carrying you kicking and screaming all the way back to the room again, I knew she was right and that we should try again. This time we went straight for the beach first and you let me hold you and carry you to the water.  We let the water touch your feet first and soon you began to trust me and you let me sit in the sand with you on my lap as we let the salt water cover our legs over and over again.  You stayed for at least 10 minutes if not more before a strong wave sent water splashing all over your face which you decided you did not like at all. 

  We went to the pool area after showering the sand off our bodies and you didn’t cry at all this time.  You played for a long time in the water and even tried to float on your back.  You wanted to swim and enjoyed the water and the feeling of weightlessness.  You even came very close to falling asleep in my arms!  You slept so well last night and I hope that you enjoy it today just as much! Tomorrow we will get into the car and head home to where all the things that comfort you are.  Your crib, your chair, your toys, your things.  I’m very proud of you Oliver.  You have impressed me so much this week.  Thank you for trying and giving the ocean a chance.  I love you my peanut!





4 thoughts on “The Beach

  1. nanny is right, revisit, even for short times, new experiences and places, in little bits, and gradually things will not be so scary. i’m so happy for all the progress he’s made on this wonderful vacation. it’s a constant stream of surprises, both good and bad, and you just have to roll with it as best you can, though i know that can be very hard. it’s truly a magic kingdom!


    • I always look forward to your comments! I always feel uplifted after reading your comments. I was so sure that he was going to dive right in and love walking around outside, swimming, and playing. I wasn’t sure how he would react to the sand and I leaned more towards him not liking it so I planned to just let him roam and swim with him. He ended up not minding the sand too much and wanting to play in the lobby! When will I learn not to assume! I always taught my older kids that assume starts with ass for a reason! LOL I am so glad that he warmed up to it all and decided it was fun and not as scary as he thought! As always thank you for reading!


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