Making Strides

Dear Oliver,

Today Miss Kelley came to visit and she brought Easter eggs!  We hid cheez-its inside and it took you no time to figure out how to open them.  You love them!  She told me to hang some on the bushes outside for you to find to encourage social play.  You have been progressing at an unbelievable rate! When I told Miss Kelley about how you will now play with me by rolling a ball back and forth she got chills up her arms!  You say the B sound for banana and when you want a bottle you say Ba Ba.  Also you make me follow you so you can show me what you want instead of walking around whining leaving me to guess endlessly.  Seeing you grow is like seeing a true miracle.  I am so proud of you! I read that 40% of people with autism never say a word! This does NOT mean they have nothing to say! So whatever language you choose to speak whether it be sign language, Chinese, Italian, or English I promise you I will learn it so that you will be understood.  So that you won’t have to feel frustrated anymore because you feel nobody is listening.  I am listening love.

We finally got in to see the eye doctor and she examined you noticing that both eyes turn inward which is good because this means that you do use both eyes just not at the same time.  We have to get you glasses and you must wear them all day for two months.  If there isn’t much improvement then we have to do surgery.  The doctor said there is a good chance that we will have to do surgery no matter what because the glasses may only correct 50% of the problem and surgery will help the other 50%.  I think you are going to look adorable in your glasses Oliver.  I am melting at just the thought.

We are closer to getting the fence installed.  Today a surveyor came out to mark our property line and after we get an ok from the home owners association the fence will go up in one day!  This means we can plant an herb garden and you can run your tiny heart out and I won’t worry about your safety!  You adore being outdoors and it doesn’t matter how long you are out there, you still scream and cry when you have to come inside.  If it’s raining you will stand in the rain smiling.  You giggle at the wind.  You are in love with trees.  Nature is your thing.  I see a botanist, forest ranger, or some kind of outdoor scientist in my future!  I will end this post with photos I took of you playing in the yard.  Sometimes it’s difficult to believe that you are real.  You are so amazing, interesting, loving, and fascinating.  You are mine and I am so thankful for that.  I love you my peanut!

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5 thoughts on “Making Strides

  1. he is beautiful and what lovely progress he is making. my daughter had the eye surgery when she was young and it corrected her eye issues beautifully. i teach kindergarten and i currently have 2 children in my room who are somewhere on the spectrum and i think they are just the most wonderful little people, each is very different, but they have me laughing with them each and every day as we learn together.


  2. you are very welcome, i was very nervous about it all, and her doc helped a lot. had her bring in her favorite stuffed animal, put an eye patch on it too and let her take it into surgery with her as she fell asleep. when she woke up, he continued to ‘treat’ her cuddly guy right along with her, brilliant. )


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