Becoming 2….

Dear Oliver,

  You have been seeing Ms. Kelley for awhile now and progress is definitely being made!  You are becoming a social butterfly always raising your arms to be picked up not just by me, but by pop pop, nanny, Gwen, and Zac!  You are proficient in signing more and we are working on other signs because you are still considered non verbal.  You make tons of sounds and are working on putting them together, but you have not started to really talk just yet.  When you get something that you want or we get ready to go outside or for a ride you say ya ya ya!  You have the word mama down and I am delighted!  It’s funny because you say mama when you are about to do something you aren’t supposed to do!  You have your meltdowns which are beginning to last longer.  Most of the time they last an hour or more but I have gotten used to them and they don’t affect me like they used to.  You do not self harm which is wonderful but you cry and stomp and fuss which I can deal with.  You are not fond of therapy and usually end up crying at some point during Ms. Kelley’s visit but that’s okay because that just means you are progressing.  The other day you brought you pants to me as a sign that you wanted to go outside which is huge because that is positively communication and, of course, you got to go outside! 

   I always tell Ms. Kelley that therapy is turning you into a typical 2 year old and that we can stop anytime and start again when the terrible two’s and three’s are over.  At the end of every session I tell her to get out because she’s making my kid cry!  Haha!  She is amazing and you do like her but as soon as she starts hand over hand or begins making you do things that you are not interested in doing, the tears start to flow.  Still, you are awesome and clever and wonderful.  She cannot believe how quickly you adapt and catch on to things.  Every week I have something new to tell her about you and it’s awesome that you are learning so quickly.  You still spin everything in site.  I call you my tiny physicist.  Your daddy loves physics so you guys will have something in common!  You also are a reader and will sit there looking at every page of every book you have and I am so excited about that because I am a big reader and I always wanted my kids to love to read.  Gwen and Zac cannot stand to read so I am hoping that one day you will read with me in my bed on rainy days. 

  You are a climber and it’s not unusual to find you sitting on the top shelp of your toy closet or the kitchen pantry.  I have mini heart attacks daily.  I did put a lock on the pantry door and intend to take the bottom two shelves out of the toy closet so that you can’t climb up there anymore.  We are putting a fence up and getting you a swing set that has something you can climb on safely so you can satisfy that urge.  I can’t wait to watch you grow into who you are meant to be.  I love you my Oliver.  My peanut…





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