Welcome to the Planet

Dear Oliver,

  -Welcome to the planet.  Welcome to existence. Everyone’s here.  Everyone’s here.  Everyone is watching you now.  Everbody waits for you now….- Switchfoot

  So you are now two!  You are now a true toddler and you wear it well.  Always with a smile and you are becoming more social.  You are trying out new sounds and trying to put them together.  You throw a mean fit and even though they are usually short lived they are ferocious!  Most of the time you are content and happy and such the opposite of how a “normal” two year old acts.  You are extremely busy and curious wanting to know how things work.  You explore every second you are awake touching, tasting, listening, and looking.  

  Naptimes are easy and so is bedtime.  You now run in place for a second before taking off and it’s adorable!  I was watching you rock in your recliner this morning and as you watched Mickey Mouse you became giggly when they called for Toodles.  You adore Toodles. I think I figured out why.  I think you relate to Toodles.  He loves to hang out by himself.  He is definitely an introvert just like you and I.  🙂  You crack up more often now and its awesome.  There is this singer named Lorde and she has a song called Royals.  In this song she sings a chorus that makes you laugh out loud.  I sing this song to you all the time because I crave your laughter.  Your eyes are full of happy.  Always.  

  I have gotten you into the habit of sitting at your desk to eat which is amazing because getting you to sit for any period of time should be an olympic sport.  Now, anytime I give you food, you go sit at your desk.  You are so precious just sitting there eating.  You’re really into corn lately.  You love it.  I am so thankful for you my love.  I look at you and smile even when I don’t feel like smiling.  Thank you for making me smile my peanut….





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