Just Because….

Dear Oliver,

  I really don’t have a reason to write to you tonight, but I feel like I need to so here is your letter for the day.  Today you were pretty much in the car all day long which you love so it wasn’t so bad.  Zac and Gwen went to Universal Studios today with their friend Taylor.  We dropped them off and got home in time for lunch and a nap.  You took a good three hour nap which gave me some time to clean up the house and get a few things done.  

  When you woke up it was time to go get the kids and we made a visit to Nanny and Pop Pops house which you always enjoy.  They have a new puppy named Boo.  She is a white schnauzer that Nanny got for Christmas.  Usually you are afraid of dogs and you do get a bit anxious but you don’t cry.  You seemed to be curious about her today which is a good thing.  Nanny has been sick for weeks with suspected Lysteria so she had to stay away from you but you had fun running around and climbing on their recliner to rock.  You were super sweet today and alot of fun to hang around with.  We listened to music and sang.  Today we just did what we wanted and didn’t have a care in the world.  I often look at your face in the rear view mirror and smile as I see your big curious eyes taking everything in.

  You have found your sense of smell and you use it often.  You smell everything.  You smell your grapes before you eat them.  You smell your toys.  One thing that is interesting is that you smell your blanket just like I did when I was young.  I had a blanket named Monkey (don’t ask) and I used to smell it while I sucked my thumb.  You do the same only you have a binky.   You even rotate the blanket just like I used to do.  Its so funny how we can see ourselves in our children.  How our children do things that we did and there is no rhyme or reason to it.  It just happens.  I love it.  I love seeing myself in you.  I admire you.  I adore you. 





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