Homemade Playdoh and Other Adventures

Dear Oliver,

I made playdoh for you awhile ago thinking that since you are such a sensory seeker you would love to squeeze it and play with it. Nope. Hated it. The other day I brought it back out and started to play with it. I made snakes, a snow man, rolled it into balls, and even made letters to spell out your name. When you saw your name you decided to give it a go and went for the O. You pulled it apart and examined it carefully before taking a bite (thank God it was homemade), and squeezed it into a mushy tiny mountain. I was impressed! You wanted more and played with it for quite some time before climbing back up on the rocking chair and tuning in to Mickey Mouse. To me this was SUCCESS!!! Finally, you were engaging. You were playing beside me but you were playing with something I was playing with also!



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Then I got brave Oliver.  Very brave!  I decided to take you shopping with me.  The entire way there I was talking to you telling you what to expect and begging you to stay in the cart and be a good boy.  To my surprise you did just that.  You sat in the cart the entire time taking in all of the lights, people, noise, and atmosphere.  You were absolutely precious the entire trip.  So I took you again.  Same results!  You were wonderful!  SUCCESS!!!!

You are making more sounds and you are playing more than rocking.  I am watching you transform into a social Oliver and I love it!  I cannot wait to see what you do next.  I will be waiting. Right here.  I love you my Oliver!




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