It Has Begun





Dear Oliver,

Last week you met Ms. Kelly.  She is your therapist and will be coming over every week to help teach you how to communicate and other life skills that you have no desire to learn. At first everything was cool and you noticed her but ignored her until she turned off your Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and interrupted your routine.  She no longer was the nice lady who came to visit.  Oh no; she was now the devil.  You complained by whining and hanging all over me.  You tried to self soothe by jumping on the trampoline or rocking on the recliner while looking up at the tv hoping it would come back on.

Then this woman who you now wished would disappear, brought out some toys and made you put five blocks into a bucket. You screamed as if your life was ending, but you did it!  She asked questions about you and gave me “homework” which I thought would never work but so far we are passing this class.  I was told not to pick you up unless you gesture by raising your arms and reaching for me.  Shirt tugging and leg holding no longer gets you on this hip.  The first two times I had to help you out but now you no longer  hang onto my leg as I drag you around ignoring your pleas.  You now raise your arms! You aren’t so grumpy in the afternoons because your teeth finally popped through!  Things are getting back to normal.

Other new accomplishments are that you say mama again and have started saying papa! When you get grapes you say papa because he usually is the one who gets them for you.  You are associating which is huge!  For ball you say ba.  Finally my most favorite new thing you learned is how to sign more!  Progress!!!!! Today Kelly comes to work with you and I hope this time you find that you like her.  One step at a time my peanut.  I love you!





2 thoughts on “It Has Begun

  1. It sounds like he’s really coming along. Baby steps for some, but for him (and you) they’re huge accomplishments. I remember when my son first started in-home therapy. It was challenging for both of us, but it sure paid off.


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