A letter from Kelli

This is a letter to you from a friend I have known for all my life. I hope you get to meet her one day!

From Kelli.

Dear Oliver,
I read your mothers blogs about you. And I see how hard she is trying to make things easier on you. Don’t we all wish we could open your little brain up and see what’s going on in there. To rewire what needs to be rewired and make things all better for you. You don’t know me, you may not ever know me. But I will tell you this….. Everyday of my life I work with one or two children just like you. Although I clean their teeth, it’s my opportunity to have them earn my trust with them. I know noises bother you, and I know that repetition is key. Children with autism have a special place in my heart and I go above and beyond to do my best to understand what it is that makes you ok with coming to see me. I have a sense of patience that I believe God has given me to work with autistic children. Some of my patients are easy. But some, are not. Sometimes I have to spend an hour just to get you to make some sort of eye contact with me. Even if that’s all I accomplish, that gives me 100% satisfaction. Why I don’t choose a field that deals directly with autistic patients is beyond me. But, dear sweet Oliver, your mommy and your family love you dearly. And I know that they will do whatever it takes to help you in your journey through life. Hugs my sweet boy!

Love, Kelli



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