Trial and Error

Dear Oliver,

This afternoon as I was thinking of ways to make you happy without having to carry you everywhere, my thoughts went back to what I call the “put your kid in a trance bottle”.  It’s so simple to make and completely genius.  You take a water bottle, put some glitter glue and fine glitter of any color inside, add hot tap water, and shake.  The glitter should take no more than a few minutes to settle to the bottom and when you are happy with the timing you hot glue the lid on.  As soon as I gave it to you it was like magic.  You carried it with you all night and right before bath I saw you leaning in the rocking chair staring at this simple invention that I had now fallen completely in love with.  Victory!  For now…

So in this post I’m going to list some things I had to figure out about you through trial and error.  Since you are nonverbal it’s like a puzzle, a screaming puzzle of madness, that is beyond difficult.  These are the puzzles I figured out.  The puzzle pieces that fit:

  • If there are bubbles in the bathtub and you cannot see the bottom you aren’t getting in.  No way no how.  The water has to be clear and we are smooth sailing.
  • When you come to me repeatedly and pull on my shirt or touch my leg it’s more than likely because you pooped.
  • When you cover your ears it’s because there is too much information coming at you at once and it’s my mission to find whatever is bothering you.  Usually it’s the dishwasher or the washing machine.  When Mickey Mouse is on there must be silence.
  • When you are teething the only thing that really works for you and calms you down are frozen blueberries and ibuprofen.
  • You do not like the way sugar tastes.  You prefer things like baked beans, pastas, fruit, yogurt….
  • When you are crying and cocking your head to the side you want me to hang you upside down or spin you.
  • If you are upset, crying, and nothing is calming you down I can always count on bubbles.  If I blow bubbles its like hitting the mute button.

That’s pretty much all I can think of at the moment but all of those things are accomplishments to me.  I worked hard trying to figure out how to make you comfortable in your world.  I love you Oliver.  Sweet Dreams!




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