And Then You Kissed Me…


Dear Oliver,

Well I figured out what the meltdowns were all about.  You are teething again.  You get clingy and incredibly irritated when your teeth are coming in.  This morning, however, I saw that two teeth had popped through and you are much more comfortable.  Right now you are napping and I am praying that this afternoon is meltdown free.  If not, a ride in the car usually works to calm you down.  That, and McDonald’s fries.  🙂

I have to tell you about the most beautiful thing you did this week.  You kissed me! No prompting just love.  I was talking to you and you were paying close attention to my mouth.  I was telling you how much I love you and I was asking you to say mama.  You looked me in the eye (another HUGE accomplishment) and I asked you what you were thinking and you leaned in and kissed me! So later I decided to try to make kissing a game.  I made the MUAH sound over and over and finally you understood and you kissed me over and over while laughing and smiling.  I thought I would die.  THEN you kissed Zac and Gwen! Gwendolynne got emotional.  This is the first time you have shown either of them love and it was while standing on the stove, waiting for your milk, naked as a jay bird, and beautiful as ever.  So I suppose the meltdowns and tantrums aren’t so bad Oliver.  As long as you kiss me….

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2 thoughts on “And Then You Kissed Me…

  1. I love every word in this post. I remember having a similar experience with Cooper. He is super kissy and huggy now…almost excessive sometimes! But, I remember the first time exactly. We were in a butcher shop and I was looking at the counter and he kept turning my head and kissing me. My heart burst and I actually started crying. Any other mom would have been annoyed. I stood there for 10 minutes doing it. I didn’t care. HUGS!


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