Spinning With Oliver

Dear Oliver,

Today I created a fundraiser for you.  Your starting to have more and more sensory issues.  More rocking, spinning, covering your ears, and pacing.  You are starting to stim more. You stim by spinning and rocking, but now we can add vocally to the list.  The past two days you have been clingy and cranky. I know part of that is teething but something is different.  You need a weighted blanket and  weighted compression vest. You also need something to help you communicate like PECS or a nabi tablet.  Everything you need mommy can’t afford and I’m so sorry!  I decided to set up a fundraiser for you hoping that I can raise enough money to get them for you. I am doing everything I can think of  so don’t you worry baby. Somehow it will happen. I love you peanut. (If you would like to donate or share with friends there is a link under Oliver’s Fund Thank You!!!!!)




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