Ever Changing Personality


Dear Oliver,

A couple of mornings ago upon waking up at the usual 6:40, I was greeting with a smiling toddler who was happily jumping up and down holding onto the railing for support.  I lifted you out of your crib, set you down on the floor, and as you ran to the living room I shouted the expected, “See Ya!”  After opening your blinds and raising them half way up so you can’t play with them, I turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and set up your play area, then made your normal morning bottle which we will be breaking that habit very soon as you are too old for a bottle.  After making my coffee which I always hope will wake me up but never does, I walked over to watch over you while I listened to Mickey Mouse calling for Toodles for the 1000th time.  When I finally sat down with you and we began to play I noticed that you were doing things that I hadn’t seen you do before.  You were mimicking me.  I was sure of it and to prove it I got a tube and blew in it as you watched intently.  When I handed you the tube telling you to blow you put the tube in your mouth and blew!  I must have looked like I won the lottery because I was jumping around praising you as you clapped your tiny hands and smiled proudly.

After I calmed down I sat down with your big blue ball with green polka dots and rolled it to you.  You caught the ball and studied it for a minute finding the spot where it’s filled with air.  You hit the ball and it unintentionally rolled to me.  I exclaimed, “YAY” and I clapped my hands.  You began to clap your hands and we ended up playing like that for quite some time.  You have become a pleasant kid with a few tantrums here and there, but those tantrums are short-lived.  You have put parallel playing behind you and you now interact with me.  Next week your big brother will be graduating middle school and on that day he will officially be a freshman.  That’s not a good time at first.  Luckily, Zac knows a bunch of kids that go to that school so he should be ok.  He will just have to worry about becoming acclimated to his new environment.  Navigating the halls of a very big school.  Finding his locker. Steering clear of the seniors.  You have many years before you enter high school my love.  That will be a sad time for me.  Every night when we are all together I make sure that we create a memory, any memory, because one day that will be all I have.  I love you my peanut!




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