Dear Oliver,

As I sit here this morning drinking my luke warm cup of coffee I am thinking about you.  I am always thinking about you.  When I look at you I see honesty.  I see a little person who doesn’t know how to lie or be deceitful.  Someone who isn’t trying to get out of trouble by being dishonest but simply accepting that mommy said no and you did it anyway.  I see a genuine little human who only shows feelings that are raw and true.  You don’t care who is watching and you don’t know how to have “manners”.  You are Oliver and you feel that people should accept the fact that you are going to cry and you are going to pull earrings sometimes when you see some that catch your eye.  I see an innocence that only a 14 month old child could show.  You can be mischievious and you test your boundaries but all in all you are innocent.

I love how you play.  Im in love with how you will find an object in the house such as an empty milk jug or a wooden spoon and you try to figure out how it works.  First you shake it to see if it makes noise.  Then you explore the object with your mouth and finally you become an inventor as you use it in ways only a child could.  I think you are incredibly interesting and creative.  I adore the way you try to figure out your world finding joy in the simplest things.  Your intense interest in everyday objects is intriguing.  They way your thoughts make you giggle out of nowhere is enchanting.  Your roll with it attitude is amazing and being able to take you anywhere and do anything with you without any problems is a dream.

Oliver you are the key to complete happiness.  Watching you explore and smile just because it’s raining or you think of something funny brings me contentment.  You have taught me so much this past year my love.  Thank you for helping to make me a better person.  Thank you for teaching me what being honest, genuine, and innocent really is.  I am unbelievable lucky Oliver.  The world is lucky that you are a part of it.  You are going to do great things when you become the man you are meant to be.  Whatever you choose to do, I know that you will be great.  Now I am off to watch you play some more.




Say what you feel...I look forward to it!

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