Stopping the time….


Dear Oliver,
I have accepted the fact that you are no longer a baby but could you please stop growing now??? You are most definitely a toddler and you are so proud of yourself. You toddle around the house laughing and smiling while you swing your pirate sword around saying arrrgh. Right now you have the hiccups and you think its funny. Everytime you hiccup you giggle. You have made me very happy Oliver. You have made your brother and sister happy too. They fight over who gets to pick you up or play with you. You love your bath and scream and smile when I run the water. You are definitely my fish. We went to Disney last week and when you saw the pool I thought you would lose your mind. I held you hand as you walked up to the edge and you just walked right in! You started kicking like a frog and seemed to know just what to do. I had your hands the whole time so you wouldnt drown but I believe that you would swim if mommy was brave enough to drop you in like the swim instructors do.

Oliver you have changed my world. I wasn’t sure I would be able to handle a new baby but you are a dream and I love raising you and watching you explore your world. You think plants are awesome and most of the plants at Disney are missing leaves and flowers due to your curiosity. You had your first haircut and didn’t make a peep. You met Goofy and stared at him in awe. You are so much fun! Dont ever stop exploring your world and discovering new things. I will always be by your side even when you don’t want me there. I will always protect you even when you think you don’t need mommy. I love you so much Oliver. Thank you so much for loving me back!




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