Mr. Independent

Dear Oliver, Well, alot has been going on since I last wrote to you!  First of all, you can walk!  It’s so strange to see you toddling around.  It’s almost surreal and in my eyes you are still my baby so it’s odd to see you as a little boy.  You had your first haircut and I cried as usual but Gwen put your hair in a baggie and labeled it with the date so I will always remember.  The haircut was given to you by nanny and she did an amazing job.  You now look like a little boy and you are just precious!  You have also learned to throw a fit!  You dont do that often but when you do it is definitely a doozy!  You are starting to become very brave and test your ts.  You are a pro at making a mess! You still love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and you insist that it is on the tv all day long. You got your first pair of shoes and they are big!  You have big feet!  You wear a size 5.  You are above the 75th percentile in height and weight which means you are a very big boy!  I love you my darling and I am enjoying watching you grown and explore your world.  Slow down my love.  Its breaking my heart! Love, Mommy


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