Whining and the Shufflebutt

Dear Oliver,

This month you have been desperately trying to master walking and when you fall you immediately get angry and start to fuss.  Loudly.  I am reliving your first tooth and learning to crawl.  I must say that you are adorable when you are taking those precious steps trying desperately to keep your balance almost always ending with you on your tiny butt.  Sometimes you walk sideways and that is when you are doing what is known as the Shufflebutt.  We used to have an english bulldog named lucy and she would walk sideways just like you do and we nicknamed her shufflebutt.  Everytime I say it you giggle.  It is a funny word isn’t it? Here is a picture of Lucy. You loved r and she loved you.


You love bathtime and when you are waiting to get into the water you can hardly contain yourself.  I am still living everyday listening to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I have tried every other show under the sun to no avail. Even the shows you used to like you no longer have any interest in.  So I have decided to give you the big bedroom in the front of the house so that you can have some toys in their and a TV mounted on the wall continuously playing your favorite episodes over and over with the exeption of at bedtime.  Zac is more than willing to trade.  He wants his old room back which is your room right now.  Pop pop has been coming over helping me paint your room and get it all ready and clean and safe for you.  I think your going to love it.  You love to watch cars go by and your big window has a view of our front yard and cars pass through all the time.  Im excited to see your face when it’s all done.

For now I must go answer you because you are calling my name.  I think your tired.  I love you my dear Oliver.




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