10 months

Dear Oliver,

You are now in your last week as a 10 month old.  Then we are two months away from your first birthday.  How did that happen?  Where has time gone?  I love watching you grow and learn but it’s heartbreaking knowing that you will only be a baby for two more months.  What’s even harder is that you are my last baby!  So every milestone that you hit makes me incredibly proud but I secretly wish you would stay this small for just a little longer.  You love to crawl and explore the house.  You realize now that there are more rooms than you thought!!!  Before, all you knew was that there was a living room and your bedroom.  Now that you are good at crawling I cannot turn away for even a minute.  You are very fast and there have been times when I lost you and had to run around the house looking for you.  You think that is very funny!

You are cruising holding onto the furniture and pulling yourself up is second nature now.  You are starting to eat whatever we eat and even though its messy I enjoy watching you explore and practice feeding yourself.  So far we know you like refried beans, baked beans, fried apples, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, garlic bread, corn, and mashed potatos.  I usually put a towel under your high chair and let you go for it.  Soon you will be off of formula and drinking whole milk!  You also like your baby cookies and fruit snacks.  I was worried that you might never eat regular food because you simply didn’t like texture and would gag whenever you tried to swallow.  I never forced you.  I offered the food and figured when you were ready you would eat.

Your eyes are officially green although they change from green to blue and sometimes gray.  They are gorgeous and huge.  You have 6 teeth and we are waiting on a couple more bottoms to come in.  You do not like teething.  Its one of the only times you are upset.  You are exploring more sounds and now you know what mama and baba mean.  You also have figured out how to voice your opinions.  When you are frustrated or upset we know it.  Your laugh is contagious and you still smile all of the time.  One of my friends call you one big smile.  I love how easy it is to make you smile.  Your smile lets me know I’m doing something right.  I love you Oliver.  Thank you for loving me too….




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