Move baby move!!!

Dear Oliver,

You now have 6 teeth and have mastered the crawl.  You pull up on everything and are always smiling.  Except when your teeth are trying to come in.  Your personality is coming out and I love it.  You are layed back and easy going.  You love to go bye bye and you refuse to sleep unless you are in your bed.  You still nap two or three times a day and you most definitely need your naps.  Without them you are miserable.  You light up my world Oliver.  Last night I took your sister to a movie and nanny came and sat with you.  You are having some seperation anxiety and so if Im not in the room you look for me desperately and wimper.  You prefer me over anyone else and if I am near and you are being held by someone else you keep your eyes on me until I get close to you and then you reach for me.  I get chills and butterflies in my stomach everytime I touch you.  I love you Oliver.  More than anyone has ever loved anyone before.  Always…..


Say what you feel...I look forward to it!

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