My Sweet Oliver

Dear Oliver,

As I write to you today it finally looks like winter outside my window.  The sky is that gray that you only see during the fall and winter season and it is misting coating everything with a thin layer of wetness making everything look slippery and almost icy.  I love this time of year and I crave watching the changing seasons but we live in Florida so we mostly see tropical weather.  Im not complaining believe me!  I would much rather wear flip flops and tank tops all year than have to wear 6 layers of clothes to stay warm.

This month is going to be a monumental month in history.  We are voting for President Tuesday and we get to see if Barrack Obama will remain in office or if Mitt Romney will take his place.  I voted already.  Now we have early voting which we never had before.  We always had to wait in these long lines for hours just to vote for the candidate we thought could run our country the best.  Dont get me wrong, you still have to wait in lines on election day but you have a choice to vote early and that line is long but not as long as usual.  I probably waited 30 minutes.  You and Gwen went with me!  Zac didn’t want to go.  I begged him to go because at the next election, which will be in 4 years, he will be able to vote!  Still, he wasn’t interested so I let him stay home.  I voted for Mitt Romney because Obama promised change and promised all of these amazing things and all he did was go on television talk shows and sit in the chair.  He did none of the things he promised.  Usually the candidate promises things and most of those things he does not do but usually one or two things get done.  Not with Obama.  So I voted for Romney and I really hope he wins.  We will find out tomorrow!

Oliver you are so busy but no trouble.  Yesterday we went to Disney and watched a parade at Hollywood Studios.  At first the loud noise startled you and you got upset, but once the music played you were bouncing and clapping and you enjoyed yourself.  Then we went to Downtown Disney with Nanny while Zac and Gwen went with Pop to play and we bought you a new Vinylnation Nerd.  You got Mickey this time.  You have Goofy already.  Aunt Shannon bought him for you.  Then we went to eat and came home.  By the time we got home you were zonked out and done for the day.  I enjoy every moment with you and love when you call me mama.  You finally really and truly mean it.  I love you my Oliver.  You are my gift from God and I can’t thank him enough for letting me be your “mama”.




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