Ten Things About Oliver

1.  You love Pop Pop.  You always want to be held by him so that you can examine his goatee and try to get the hair off of his face.

2.  You love to crawl all over the living room and you have recently found out that there are other places in the house to explore which leads me to number 3.

3.  You love cords.  I have to constantly hide them from you.

4.  You teeth on my bookcase and there are now little tiny teeth marks on it and I love it!

5.  Your eyes are gray.  Sometimes they turn blue or green but most of the time they are gray.  I have never seen this before and its one of my favorite things about you.

6.  You have a birthmark on your side.

7.  You have 4 teeth but a 5th one is emerging.

8.  When I whisper in your ear you close your eyes as if you are imagining my every word.

9.  You love bubble baths and always seem to make a perfect bubble goatee.

10.  You are the most content, happiest, easiest baby in the world and I adore you.




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