Happy 9 Month Birthday!

Dear Oliver,

Today you are 9 months old!  I was reading about what to expect from you this month and I read that they call you the intent 9 month old.  From what I read I should expect seperation anxiety to set in and for you to slowly wean from your morning nap.  I should expect you to fight sleep as well. All of this is very true.

Recently, you like to be able to see me no matter where you are.  If I leave the room you cry.  You have never done this before so it was a surprise to me.  Now I make sure that you can see me at all times if possible.  You have also started to fight sleep.  At nap time you are fine.  Its bedtime that you don’t like.  This is also a surprise since bedtime used to be the easiest time to get you down to sleep.  The past two nights you have needed to lay down with me to fall asleep.  Unfortunately, Oliver, this isn’t possible to do every night.  You see I have to make sure Zachary and Gwen aren’t misbehaving!  We are definitely going to have to figure something out!

You are getting around easily now!  I cannot turn my back on you for a second!  If I have to leave the room to do something I do it quickly and make sure Zac or Gwen are in the room with you.  I am constantly having to keep you away from cords!  You are everywhere and you are fast!  I’m slowly introducing new textures.  You do not like this at all.  You have a hard time swallowing even the tiniest softest pieces of food.  You automatically chew but you still have a very hard time swallowing.  You do like your puffs though and I think that is because they melt in your mouth.

You have mastered the pincer grasp!  This is where you grab something with your forefinger and thumb.  You love all your toys but your favorites are the ones that make noise and your super soft teddy bear always makes you smile.  Right now I am working on knitting you a baby blanket.  I have always wanted to make one and I only wish I would’ve made one while I was pregnant with you.  Knitting would’ve given me something productive to do when I was on bedrest with you.

You now smile really big and show us your  little teeth.  You love bathtime!  You try to eat the bubbles and you like to splash the water.  You clap all the time and when you do you expect me to say YAY for you.  You are practicing your vowel sounds and you are trying to talk to us.  You love to stand and I suspect you will be walking soon because you are mastering the art of taking steps.  Tomorrow you have a doctors appointment but I dont think you get any shots.  I think you might get your heel or finger pricked though.

Oliver, raising you is an adventure and its alot of fun!  I cannot imagine my life without you in it.  You, Zac, and Gwen make my life worth living.  When Zac goes off to college you will be 4 and when Gwen leaves you will be 7.  Then it will be just me and you!  I love the bond we have.  I hope we always have this bond.  Thank you so much for loving me!



Here are some pictures of your last week as an 8 month old:



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