Your Big Brother Zachary

Dear Oliver,

I just realized that a few months back I told you all about your sister Gwendolynne and promised to write to you about your brother Zac, but I never did!  So this letter is all about Zachary.  Your big brother was born March 21, 1998 at 6:59 pm.   He weighed 8lbs even.  Big baby!!!  You are alot like him with your sweet nature and just like you Zac was an easy baby.

Zac isnt a big meat eater.  His favorite foods are macaroni and cheese, chicken noodle soup, corn, brocolli, and tomatos.  He hates beans of any kind and refuses to eat them.  When he was a baby all he would eat were the yellow vegetables and he actually turned a yellow color from eating all yellow veggies and no green ones!!! He loves to long board and ride his bike.  He is a devoted Xbox player and he is very talented when it comes to video games.  He has been playing them since he was about 5 years old and now he can beat any game you give him with no problem.  Right now he is into games where he plays with other people online.  He hopes to go to Full Sail University and learn how to design video games and test them out.  He will do great!

Zachary’s favorite color is blue.  He loves to listen to rock music and he plays it loud in his room. One of his favorite sports is hockey.  His heart is huge and he is a kindred spirit.  He doesn’t like for anyone to be unhappy and when Im sick he usually makes me soup and takes care of me.  He is excellent at math and that is his favorite subject.  He also loves science.  He is very smart.  Last year he was in avid in school which is an honors program and he was taking high school classes in 7th grade!!! Since breaking his knee he was been doing virtual school and he loves it.  I don’t think he will be going back to regular school for awhile if ever.  He might graduate doing virtual school and then go on to college.

Zac adores you.  You are one of his favorite people.  You love him too! You smile whenever you see him.  Whenever he comes out of his room he is always looking for you.  Last month he broke his knee and ended up having surgery.  He did so well!! He isnt afraid of needles or doctors and rarely complains.  He just got his cast off and now is in a brace.  We are doing exercises to strengthen his leg so he can walk normally again.  I am including some pictures I took the day he had surgery.  He loves you with all his heart Oliver and I think as you get older you will be looking up to him and you guys will be spending alot of time together.  You make him happy and he makes you happy.  It doesn’t get any better than that!





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