Exploring Your World

Dear Oliver,

Right now you only have one week until you are 9 months old!  I can’t believe how fast time has gone!  It seems impossible that in only 3 short months you won’t be a baby anymore.  I don’t know what to think about that or how to feel.  On one hand I am so excited to see you accomplish your milestones; on the other hand you are my last baby and I wish you could stay small for just a little while longer.  You haven’t lost that beautiful smile.  I love how when you look at me your eyes are full of pure love.  I love how when you smile you crinkle your nose.  I love to hear you say mama.   You melt my heart Oliver.

You are now teething again.  This is the only time that you are unhappy.  Yet even when you are upset you smile while you are whining!  You are a trooper.  You do not like the feeling of teeth coming in.  You have gotten used to the teeth you have and now that you are getting new ones you are again trying to spit them out.  You desperately try to get them out of your mouth.

You have also started crawling!  You are beginning to explore your world Oliver!  You seem to find things that are impossible to see!  Its like you are carrying a stash of treasures in your diaper and pulling them out from time to time and deciding its a good idea to put them in your mouth!  You are busy but happy and content.  Even when I tell you that its not okay to play with the cords to the lamps you dont complain; you just go find something else your aren’t suppose to have.  🙂

Seperation anxiety and fighting sleep has begun as well.  If I leave the room you start to cry.  You are deciding that a morning nap isn’t such a good idea and you are excellent at fighting sleep.  Although when bedtime comes you are always easy to put down.   Today I put you in my carrier and strapped you to my chest and cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed the living room.  You loved it!  My back is screaming at me for lugging around a 20+ pound baby but I figure its great exercise and it helps me tone up and lose the baby weight!  You are great company and never are much trouble.

You love to go bye bye! You don’t make a peep in the store. You just ride along in your stroller and look around at everything. You are amazed by everything and everyone you see and you soak it all in like a sponge. You study things and are very serious when something catches your eye. You try to figure everything out. How it works, what it feels like, what it tastes like, what sounds does it make….. You are very intuitive and I am guessing you are a very smart little boy. You are my partner in crime Oliver. I love being around you and watching you grow and play. You are a joy. Always and forever…..





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