Coughs, Sniffles, and Other Firsts That Are No Fun..

Dear Oliver,

We have made it through alot of firsts recently.  Unfortunately they arent the good kind.  You started off with a cough a few weeks ago and I just assumed that you had caught a cold and would soon get over it.  Little did I know it was about to be much worse than just a cold.  You began running a fever the night you started coughing and so I decided it would be wise to get you in to see the doctor just to be safe because this cough was nasty!  Plus I didnt like the fever.  Fevers make me uneasy and nervous.

We got to the doctor and they listened to your little lungs and discovered you were weezing.  This means that it feels like you are breathing through a straw.  No wonder you were so restless and didnt sleep well.  You couldnt breathe!  They gave you a breathing treatment in the office and you sounded much better so they sent us home with the machine and instructions to give you a treatment every six hours and report back in a week.

A few days later you were still running a fever and coughing and you didnt look well.  You were laying around not doing much and your little smile was gone.  It was Saturday and I made a call to the doctor and they instructed me to take you to the emergency room to be checked out just to be safe.  So off we went to Southlake Hospital. At the hospital they took x-rays of your lungs because they suspected pneumonia which is fluid in your lungs that you cant get out.  I was very scared.  You were fine and slept most of the time.

The doctor came back in and confirmed that you had pneumonia and prescribed you a very strong antibiotic and the first dose was a big one which made you vomit.  Another first I wish you didnt ever have to experience.  You didnt cry but you didnt like it either.  Ha!

After that dose the rest were a piece of cake and you got well again!  Now you are back to your old self except your doctor found that you still wheeze a bit so we suspect asthma just like your brother Zac.

Other than that you are now mobile!  You get where you want to go easily and you are alot of fun!  You are so easy and I take you everywhere with me because you love to go bye bye.  We walk every morning and evening and play all day.  You are a joy Oliver.  You are a blessing and I love you to the moon and back!





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