Teething is Wearing You Out!!!!

Dear Oliver,

For the past few days you have been trying to cut your top teeth and you are NOT happy!!!  Yesterday we took you bye bye and went grocery shopping.  Pop pushed you around in your stroller and you didn’t really nap.  You were so overtired you didn’t really fall asleep until 9:10.  Then you slept until 4:30 and had a bottle and went back to sleep until 6:45.  Right now you have been napping for almost 2 hours!!! You are trying to catch up.  The day before yesterday you refused to sleep.  Nanny has been here so I think you stay up to see her.  Zac tore his ACL and broke a bone in his knee so he is in a full leg cast right now and the only thing that really makes him smile is you!  He has been asking if you are up all day!  Im staring at you on the baby monitor and you just look exhausted.  You are having teething whimpers and all I can do is offer ice in your mesh teether and ibuprofen.  I wish those teeth would come in so you can rest and be back to my smiley guy!!!  I love you my Oliver!!!




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