10 Facts About You!!!

Dear Oliver,

Here are some facts about you!  I am going to post more as time goes by and we will watch how your tastes change!

10.  Since birth you have smiled with your whole face.  Your nose crinkles and nobody can resist!!! There was a muppet called Guy Smiley and I used to love him when I was little!  When I saw your real smile he was the first thing that popped in my mind… So you my love, are my Guy Smiley.

9.  Your favorite toys are those made by the Sassy company.  You have soft books and teethers made by Sassy and you stay busy playing with them for hours!

8.  You adore Mickey Mouse and when you see him on tv you smile and giggle…I cannot wait to take you to Disney World to meet him in person!!!

7.  You hate peas!  Its the only food that gags you.

6.  You love pears.  Pears are your favorite fruit but even though you love pear juice you prefer apple juice instead.

5. You were born on January 18th and that makes you a capricorn!  🙂

4.  Since you were in my belly you have been a nonstop kicker.  You kick all the time and always want to be standing or jumping in your bouncer.  You must have the strongest legs in the family!!!

3.  Since you were born you have always had to sleep in a very dark room and you always cover your eyes with your blanket when trying to fall asleep.  I think that all started with this picture….

2. You have 3 teeth and are working on number 4 now!  You dont like teeth and you constantly try to spit them out.  Having teeth means that you will someday get a visit from the tooth fairy!!!

1.  Your first word was poop!!! It doesn’t get any better than that!





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