My What Big Teeth You Have!!!

  Dear Oliver,

     You are now 7 months old and you have 1.5 teeth!!!  The second tooth starting cutting through the night before last and the past couple of nights you have been very upset to say the least.  For one, it hurts.  For two, you do not like teeth.  You keep trying to spit them out!  🙂  But trust me dear, once you realize what they are for you are gonna love them!  You are SO big!!! You have out grown your infant carseat already and are now in a big boy carseat.  Your favorite tv shows are Spongebob, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Everytime you see Mickey Mouse on tv you grin.  You are rolling like a champ and scooting all over the living room.  You aren’t sitting alone yet but can sit assisted which is normal for you since you were premature.  You now open your mouth very well for the spoon!  You are amazing in every way and your personality is developing and I must say my Oliver you are one funny little guy.  I love you more than you can imagine….





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