Has it been 6 months already???

  Dear Oliver,

     You are now 6 months old and you are getting so big!  You now weigh 17lbs 11oz and you are 27 inches tall!  You prefer to stand when someone is holding you and you are starting to take steps!  Its going to be awhile before you are walking but you are getting there!  You are teething like a mad man and the Dr. says your teeth are 1mm from the surface of your gums so we should see some teeth really soon!  You got 3 shots and the Dr. said she has never seen a babies face get so red! You were MAD!  🙂  You now do the inchworm to get to your toys when you are on your belly and you hold yourself up extremely well.  You sleep very good but getting you to sleep can be a challenge most of the time.  You have definitely learned to fight sleep.  Your smile makes me melt and you are very sweet natured.  I love you my Oliver.





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