Almost 6 months old and you are dubbed my “Guy Smiley”

Dear Oliver,

   You are almost 6 months old and you are positively the sweetest most darling baby in the universe!  You smile ALL the time; even when you cry you have a smile on your face.  Your favorite fruit is pears and if I give you fruit before your veggies you just simply refuse the veggies.  You have a Dr.’s appointment coming up and unfortunately you have to get shots.  😦  The good news is we will get to see how much you weigh and I’m sure that you must be at least 20 lbs by now!  You have grown so much from the tiny fragile little baby to this big sturdy little boy.  You have recently discovered that you can roll over more than once so that is how you get around until you learn to crawl.  You are a blessing my dear Oliver and you are so wonderful to wake up to.  Your expressions make me laugh which in turn makes you smile and laugh and eventually we are both laughing until tears run down my face.  It’s impossible to be upset with you around.  I thank God everyday for you.  Oh how I adore you!!!!! Here are some pictures of your cute 5 month old face.  XOXOXO







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