Trust, Love, and Pure Infatuation

Dear Oliver,

  You are only 5 months old and you have captured my heart.  You amaze me Oliver.  You have complete trust in me, daddy, Zac, and Gwen to take care of you and make sure that your every need is met.  You rely on us.  You are solely dependent on us.  How that must feel.  You are such a sweet baby and you always smile even when you are crying, you smile.  Right now you are trying to cut teeth and you aren’t very happy about that.  Your tough though and you don’t complain much.  You are eating regular baby food like a champ and growing bigger and bigger everyday.  Im so proud of you.  Im so proud to call you my son.  My world. I always miss you when Im at school or grocery shopping.  I’m completely in love with you.  You have a teether that is your favorite because it vibrates when you bite on it and if it stops vibrating you start chomping on it like crazy and I cant help but laugh.  Your my sweet little boy and your growing so fast and time is passing quickly and I dont want to miss a minute.  I want time to stand still so that you can be my sweet baby forever but thats unrealistic and I know one day I will wake up and you will be a teenager.  I will miss being a mommy to a tiny helpless infant.  I will miss you smiling at me just because I am putting a dry diaper on you.  I love you my dear Oliver.  So So much…






Say what you feel...I look forward to it!

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