Something I Didn’t Know Until Recently….

Dear Oliver,

You won’t be reading these posts until you are much much older so I feel like I need to write this to you while it’s fresh in my mind.  In my first post to you I wrote out your birthstory and it was a scary birth not only for me, but for everybody who loves you. I just found out that you almost didn’t survive.  When you were born you didn’t cry, you didn’t open your eyes, you didn’t move for a long time.  Nanny had to leave the room because she thought you were not going to be with us.  When you were born, they carried you over to the warmer as you lay limp in their arms.  I remember everyone was so quiet and the nurses kept looking at the doctor like they thought you were not okay and the doctor looked back at them with a concerned look in his eyes.  Thank God you finally came around and started to cry but your eyes were so swollen that you couldn’t open them to look at me.  When I saw how bruised you were and how swollen you were, it broke my heart.  I cherish every moment with you Oliver.  I almost didn’t have you and I’m so thankful that you are as strong as you are.  You amaze me every day and I can’t imagine my life without you. Thank you for fighting so hard.





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