You love your BED!!!!

Dear Oliver,

You have been sleeping in your own bed for 2 weeks now!  You take your naps there, which is what you are doing in this picture, and you sleep there at night!  I am so excited because your sister Gwen didn’t sleep alone until she was 2 and even then she still came into my bed every night!  🙂  Last weekend I decided that you were not going to have that problem.  (It was my own fault)  SOOOO I started to “crib train” you.  The doctor said you could lay on your stomach to sleep now since you could lift your head and move it side to side.  You are less likely to suffocate now.  You have successfully been crib trained my dear and I couldn’t be more happy for you.  Now you get a good nights rest because in your room there isn’t any distraction such as daddy and I talking or the tv being on.  You like your room dark at night with a crack of light from the hallway.  You also now have a routine.  Mommy now goes to school and I leave at 7:00 every morning and I dont get home until 2:30 every afternoon.  So when I get home, I take over for daddy so that he can have time to himself.  We play and work on tummy time amongst other things.   At around 6:00 you get into your high chair and we put your lobster bib on 🙂 and you eat your dinner which is always a vegetable (your favorites are squash and sweet potatoes) and a fruit (your favorites are pears and apples).  Next mommy gives you a bath which you LOVE and after the bath I use your night time lavendar baby lotion to give you a baby massage and you smile the whole time.  Then after your in your pajamas, we put you in your stroller and the whole family takes a walk around the neighborhood.  🙂  By the time we get home you are passed out.  In the crib you go!!! You usually sleep about 7 hours every night.  You wake up to eat your bottle and then you want to sleep for a little bit more.  You are such a dream Oliver.  Your smile is contagious and you are starting to laugh now!  You are grasping your toys and yesterday you pulled on your frog in your bouncy seat and made it sing for the first time on your own!  Your growing so big and I hope that time doesn’t fly by too fast.  You last weighed in at 14 lbs!!! Nanny calls you chunky monkey.  🙂  I adore you Oliver…. please stop growing!




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