4 months and all smiles

Dear Oliver,

You are now 16 weeks old!!!  You are a ham.  Your personality is incredible and you are a go with the flow kinda baby.  You smile all the time!  It’s so easy to make you smile and everytime I see a smile on your face, its like the first time.  You make me melt everytime you look at me.  You still have blue eyes!!!  You are trying your hardest to talk.  You have said momma already!!! I think it was by accident but you have done it twice now.  You also copy us when we say things like OH!  🙂  You are so big now.  When you were born you were just a peanut! Now you are a coconut!!!  You love your bottle but I dont think its filling you up very well anymore.  Cereal is too hard on your tummy right now.  The doctor told us since you have reflux to give you a little cereal so that you can keep the milk down better.  We tried that and you had a hard time digesting it.  So we tried baby oatmeal and that wasn’t very good either.  So at your next doctors visit we will ask about fruits and veggies.  Hopefully you can digest those!!!!  Right now you are napping and you look so peaceful.  The other day I started to get a nasty cold and I still dont feel the best but I am better.  Unfortunately, I think you caught my cold.  Im so sorry. These pictures were taken last week and you were 3 months old last week.  🙂  Enjoy!!   I love you Oliver…. Keep growing my little man!


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