Atlanta bound tomorrow!!!!!

Dear Oliver,

   Tomorrow you will be going on your first big trip to visit your Aunt Shannon, Uncle Don, and your cousins Abbie and Jacob.  They are dying to meet you!  Aunt Shannon has so many nicknames for you but the one she calls you the most is Olliebaba.  🙂  She also calls you Mohammed Ollie!  Abbie is 7 and she calls you Oliver the 3rd and Im assuming that is because you are the third baby.  You will love them all, Im sure and they will spoil you rotten while we are there.  Nanny, Zac, and Gwen are all going too!  Daddy is going to stay home and rest which is definitely needed.  We will be leaving here at 6:30am and coming home Sunday afternoon.  The trip is 7 hours total but you love the car so Im hoping that you are okay on the way there and enjoy the ride.  We will be taking lots of pictures so you can see everything that went on.  Your only 3 months old so you wont remember, but you can look at pictures when you get bigger and see how much fun you had.  The next post will be all about your brother Zac.  Until then my sweet Oliver….




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