All about your sister Gwendolynne

Dear Oliver,

  This post is all about your sister Gwendolynne.  I think you will find that you like her alot once you start walking and can play with her.  She can be alot of fun and one of my favorite things about her is the way she thinks and the things she comes up with to say.  When she was little she used to wake up for kindergarten and tell me that we had to brush her hair because it was angry! 🙂  She also decided that we should have a picture on our wall in the living room so she drew her own picture on copy paper and glued it to the wall.  She made sure it had a frame by gluing puff balls in all different colors around the picture.  I left it there the entire time we lived there because I thought it was adorable that all she wanted to do was add decor to the living room!  🙂  She loves Math and History.  She cannot stand English and Science.  Her favorite color is green and she loves salad with ranch dressing.  She always chooses fruit over fries when we go out to eat and she will taste anything that you give her.  She does not like tomatoes at all.  She wont wear any jeans unless they are super skinny jeans and she does not like to wear dresses.  She loves to long board and has always enjoyed the water.  When she was a baby the only baby food she would eat was spinach lasagna and it was only the most expensive one.  She preferred to eat what we were eating so we made sure we smooshed everything really well so she wouldn’t choke.  Her lucky number is 5.  She was born 05/05/01 at 11:25am in room 5 and she weighed 5lb 12oz.  Everyday when she gets home she kisses you and tells you how adorable you are.  She is extremely shy and if she even thinks about getting in front of a group of people to speak she has a panic attack.  She loves to sleep and always has.  She loves music and would rather have the radio on than the tv.  When she does her homework or anything that she has to concentrate on she always turns everything off.  She loves gymnastics and is about to start softball.  Everything she has ever tried has come easy to her.  She hopped on a bike and rode it on the first try, she taught herself how to swim, she learned to play the recorder, she hopped on the balance beam in gymnastics and it was a breeze.  She is a perfectionist and if she doesn’t get everything she does perfect she is very hard on herself.  She has changed your diapers and your clothes.  She has helped me give you a bath. Your first genuine smile was at her and she was so excited!  Just know that she loves you very much!  These pictures are pictures she took herself!  We love you Oliver!!!





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