I Have To Admit You Are Way Cuter Than The Easter Bunny

Dear Oliver,

Yesterday was your first Easter and it was so much fun!  You wont remember but you were held by so many people that love you.  Auntie Heather and Ms. Diana held you all evening.  Ms. Danielle had a two night sleep over with you and spoiled you ROTTEN!!!  You were so good for her.  She even slept with you!  She is about to have a baby boy soon and Im sure you two will be very good friends.  Auntie Heather has a 7 year old son and a 2 year old son who you will play with also when you get a little bigger.  You loved watching everyone.  We had so many people here and all the kids had a water balloon fight and an easter egg hunt.  Every Easter when I was little your nanny and pop pop would hide clues inside plastic eggs and we would hunt the eggs until we finally got our easter baskets and so I have carried on that tradition and it was so much fun!  You didnt get a basket because your so small still but I didnt forget you!  You got a colorful toy that has all kinds of textures and a mirror and you love it.  You like to look at yourself in the mirror.  There were about 20 people here and it was relaxing and so much fun.  We grilled burgers and Auntie Heather made a brocolli and cheese casserole that was to die for.  You were smiley and happy and slept very well last night.  Ms. Danielle helped me out with you so that could get all the kids easter eggs and baskets hidden and she asked if she could take you to church with her 2 year old son to the egg hunt and she said you had so much fun.  She even got a picture of you with the easter bunny!!! We are lucky Oliver.  We have wonderful friends and an amazing family.  Nanny of course held you and kissed you and the kids and we just enjoyed spending time together.  You are talking alot more and you love to talk to your toys.  Your smile is the most amazing smile and your eyes are gorgeous.  I love it when you look me in the eyes with pure love.  I get goose bumps thinking about it.  I was so worried that when you were born that Zac and Gwen would be jealous but its the complete opposite. They adore you and I try very hard to make sure that I show them just as much love as I do you.  We are so glad you are a part of this family and I hope you will be just as happy as we are,  This Thanksgiving we are going to New York because aunt Amanda is having a baby and the baby is due to be born in November.  So we will all go meet the new addition to the family and celebrate together.  I also want to try to take a drive up to Maine before we come home so you can meet your great aunt Ellen and your second cousins Sarahanne and Ricky.  They also have sons which are your third cousins and you will have so much fun.  Aunt Ellen hand made you bibs.  She is really good at crafts.  Im including pictures  in my next post that Ms. Danielle took of you when you spent time with her.  You are the most gorgeous boy and very photogenic!!!  🙂  I love you my baby.




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