When I Think Things Can’t Get Any Better…

Dear Oliver,

You have only been in our world for 11 weeks and I couldn’t imagine my days without you in them. You are now over 11lbs and growing. You actually like tummy time, especially when I put a mirror in front of you. You find yourself to be a very funny baby. Your coos are so sweet and your smile is contagious. You are trying to scoot around already and found out that you can use your toes for leverage. You love to be talked to and when we stick our tongue out at you, you promptly stick yours out right back! You no longer like to sleep on your back. We still wont put you on your belly to sleep but we found that if we put you on your side, your happy. You stay awake for longer periods of time now and actually have a schedule. You turn towards whoever is speaking and love to grab your toys. I am enjoying getting to know who you are and dreaming of who you will become. Your eyes are still blue and the doctor said even though it’s still early, it’s looking like blue is the color!!! Your hair is still light brown and I love it! You are no longer my peanut… You are now my coconut! You have gotten so big and I love it. Your 3 month birthday is right around the corner….




Say what you feel...I look forward to it!

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