11 weeks and I still cant stop staring at you

Dear Oliver,

This Wednesday you will be 11 weeks old and I cannot believe how fast time had flown by.   You have started sleeping through the night and I can’t thank you enough for it!  🙂  You love to play with your toys and your face melts my heart.  We found out you have silent reflux which means you don’t vomit but instead you swallow the milk and acid that comes up.  You take zantac now and it has been awesome for you.  You are so much more comfortable.  We are now able to distinguish your hungry cry from your bored cry from your dirty diaper cry from your boredom cry ect….  You are cooing and smiling and are so much fun now that you are interacting with us.  You weigh 10lb 12oz as of last week and you are now in 3 month clothes.  You love to suck on red gummy bears while daddy holds them up to your mouth.  Here are some 10 week pictures we took after daddy put chocolate on your mouth.  🙂  I love you Oliver…..




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