You Have a Personality To Die For

12927_4991192745419_22727453_nDear Oliver,

You are now 6 1/2 weeks old and you have a killer personality.  You can be very serious and appear to be deep in thought or you can be hilarious and make the most incredibly delicious faces.  You are awake more often now and when you are, you like to play.  You love to grab your toys and listen to any of us talk to you.  Your smile is contagious and you have upped your cooing to more than every now and then.  Your coos and grins are amazing and so tiny.  When you cry you keep your tongue touching the roof of your mouth and you have done that since birth.  I dont know why you do that but it muffles your cry so thank you for that!  🙂  You try your best to roll over and tummy time wears you out but you like to lift your head when your on your tummy.  I think it makes you feel strong.  You love to hold our fingers when you eat and when you stare into my eyes my soul feels it.  You mean everything you do and so far you are pretty laid back and like to go with the flow.  You love the car and when you get in your car seat you smile and go to sleep.  You love the bath.  You like to float while daddy holds your head for you.  Most of the time you fall asleep.  Zachary has become very attached to you.  He loves to take you in his room and put you in your bouncy seat while he plays his Xbox.  He holds you all the time and plays with you.  Gwen loves you too but she is still pretty young and likes to go do her own thing.  She likes to play with you for a little while but when you fuss, she runs.  🙂  You are my only child that does not require a Binky.  You do like it but you refuse it more than you want it.  The only time you really want it is if you are gassy, hungry and waiting for a bottle, or tired but as soon as you fall asleep you spit it out.  Your learning every day and we love to watch you take in your world.  You like your dog Lucy a lot.  She licks your feet and you smile.  You like to touch her and she lets you.  You are so much bigger now than when you first came home.  Some things don’t fit you anymore and I just can’t get over how much chubbier your cheeks and legs are.  You and your brother and sister are my world.  Thank you for making me smile daily.  I love you.




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