Gas is no laughing matter

PicsPlay_1384274262505Dear Oliver,

You are now 5 weeks old!!!  You can now pick up your head when laying on your belly and look around for a few seconds.  You are awake for longer periods of time now and you make the best faces.  You smile a ton and when you do, my heart melts.  You have gotten much bigger and you only eat one time in the middle of the night.  You are a great sleeper and very laid back.  Except when you have gas.  The past week you have been getting fussier and fussier.  You don’t have colic because you are easily calmed down but I can feel bubbles in your tummy and you grunt and fuss so that tells me you have gas.  Nanny came over last night and brought new bottles.  They are the same bottles I used with Zachary and Gwen and so far it’s looking like they are helping.  I also picked up some gripe water which is supposed to help with hiccups and gas and colic and let me tell you, you do not like the taste.  It does help though!  It calms you right down and if you have hiccups they disappear instantly!  Right now you are by me in your swing snoring.  🙂  You have a bit of a stuffy nose today and that makes you so mad!  I have started the humidifier to help open you up so hopefully that will work soon.  I have this playmat with toys that hang above you and it plays music and lights up at the top.  You love it!!! Your favorite toy on there is an elephant rattle.  You like to hit it and stare at it.  You are such a blessing in our lives Oliver.  You will never know how much we love you.  We love you so much it hurts.  You love your bath at night.  I think the warm water relaxes you.  I use lavender soap and that makes you completely calm.  After your bath you are usually alert for at least an hour if not longer and so we spend time talking to you and playing with you.  You hate to have your diaper changed.  You scream every time.  You complain when I change your clothes but not as bad as the diaper.  You don’t mind taking a break from the bottle to burp and when you burp it’s always a good one! 🙂  You don’t spit up much and you are pretty much happy most of the time.  You are such an easy baby.  You still have most of your baby hair and what is growing in seems to be light brown.  You now have eyelashes and they are very light brown.  Still lacking eyebrows but they are coming!  You look so much like your daddy.  Your eyes are such a beautiful blue and I hope they stay that way.  Every night daddy comes in from working out in the garage and we all eat dinner.  If you are awake, you sit in your bouncy seat and play near the table.  Then daddy and I spend some time together and we give you a bath.  After that we all play for a little while.  Daddy sets up the bedroom and you and him watch movies and fall asleep.  You wake up once in the middle of the night and daddy feeds you and then at 6am you wake up and I take over for the day.  Daddy sleeps until about 11 and then our day begins again.   This way you get equal time with both of us.  Gwen and Zac are always around you and love you to pieces.  You love them too!!  This morning Gwen fed you some bottle while I iced her cinnamon rolls.  They change your diaper and really like to help with you.  So far today you are content but then again its only 9:30.  🙂  Lets hope you continue to be happy today.  I love you my Oliver!




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