You Have Found Your Voice….and Your Smile

534566_4979470292365_1892950494_n22Dear Oliver,

Today is your first Valentine’s Day!  Tomorrow you will be one month old and my due date isn’t until Friday.  It’s amazing to see how big you have gotten and thinking that you should still be in my belly.  This past weekend was crazy!  I think you went through a growth spurt because you all of the sudden became really fussy and let us know that you were not happy.  You would sleep for minutes at a time and just could not seem to get comfortable.  You wanted to eat constantly and to make matters worse, you had a stuffy nose.  That really ticked you off and you let us know you were not pleased.  I didn’t handle your crying well at all.  I wasn’t mad or frustrated, I was sad.  I cried with you and just as hard as you did.  I was worried because your sister was colicky and I did not want you to have to go through that.  Nanny came over to see you and comfort me and she asked if you could come spend the night!  I pumped some milk for you and made sure you had everything you needed and off you went with Nanny to spend the night laying on her chest burrowed into her soft robe.  She said you were awake alot and looked around.  You enjoyed hanging out with her and you even saw Pop Pop.  Pop Pop won’t hold you yet.  Don’t worry though, he won’t hold any little babies.  He is afraid you are too fragile and he doesn’t want to hurt you.  He prefers just looking at you and talking to you.    You are still getting breastmilk but daddy let me sleep through the night one night and I started to stop making your milk.  So the past few days I have been working on building your milk supply back up and so far so good!  You prefer breastmilk and you know the difference.  You will take the bottle but if I am feeding you,  you tend to pull away from the bottle and root for my boobie.  🙂  You only get the bottle when I need to supplement you so that you will be full and content.  You are a very easy baby and when you do cry it isn’t loud.  You stick your tongue on the roof of your mouth when you cry and you snort like a piggy.  So everything about you is sweet, even your cry.

You smile alot!  More than any other baby I have seen.  Sometimes you get a huge grin on your face and we can see your gums!!  We still aren’t able to get you to smile voluntarily but we love every smile you give us.  Daddy sometimes kisses your tummy and we get a giggle which is amazing.  You can turn to the side and last night you rolled over on your tummy!  It may have been by accident but it was still impressive!  You are a beautiful boy and we are thankful that you are here and a part of the Dumonts!  Happy Valentines Day sweet Oliver!


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