The color yellow isn’t always a happy color…..

Image Dear Oliver, So 48 hours after you were born we left the hospital.  Your bilirubin level was 9.9 and as long as it was under 10 you would get to go home.  We were told to bring you to the doctor the next day to get rechecked and make sure that your levels were going down and not up.  We took you the following day and waited to hear from the doctor.  I got a phone call at 2pm and the doctor let us know that your levels had gone up to 18 and that you would have to be admitted to the hospital and be kept under the lights.  Luckily there was a room available for me so you didn’t have to stay in the nursery, we could be roomies!!!  I was breastfeeding so it was so much easier for me to stay there with you but again, it was hard to leave daddy, Zac, and Gwen.  You were so good Oliver!  You didn’t complain when you had to go in the lights.  I could only hold you when I was breastfeeding you and then had to put you right back.  The nurses fell in love with you and we just hung out together and got to know each other when you were eating.  We stayed there for 4 days and finally your levels went down to 11.2 and you were allowed to come home!  Your bilirubin levels continued to rise and fall and I ended up having to supplement you with formula so that you could clear your system.  You are a blessing. Love, Mommy



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