Who is Oliver?

Everyone knows what its like to wake up Christmas morning and get the present of a lifetime.  The one you never expected, never knew you wanted, the perfect gift.  That’s Oliver.  Oliver was a huge shock.  He is that positive pregnancy test that you stare at for 30 minutes straight going is this for real!?  He is my seventh pregnancy but will be my sixth child that I have birthed.  He is already a blessing in so many ways.  Surprises like this don’t happen everyday and most of the time when they do they can be scary and stressful.  Since I’m not a planner anyway, this surprise is pleasant and I’m thankful to be a glass half full type of gal.  If not, I’m sure I would have gone insane by now.

My husband is incredible and my children amazing.  Everyone is waiting in anticipation for Olivers arrival.  I am starting this blog at 35 weeks 2 days pregnant.  I have painted his nursery by hand which took awhile seeing as I am not even close to an artist BUT it was created with love and I happen to be very proud!  His theme is outdoors and there is a huge tree and owls and birds handpainted in his room.  It’s all bright and colorful so hopefully he will enjoy being in there and looking around at everything.

This pregnancy has been so much different from any of my other pregnancies.  This is the first pregnancy where I actually had morning sickness to the point where I almost threw up.  Thank God I never did throw up but I was pretty darn close several times.  Then at 32 weeks I had protein in my urine and high blood pressure.  I was hospitalized for monitoring and to do a 24 hour urine.  While I was in the hospital they found that my potassium level was dangerously low.  I was put on a potassium drip and given an ambien so I could sleep through it.  Let me say that when I woke up the next morning I still had 30 min left on the drip and no amount of rubbing or moving my arm would take the burn away.  It was incredible!!! It felt like instead of blood, there was gasoline in my veins and someone lit a match and let it burn.  My eyes were tearing up and I thought that 30 minutes would never end.  Needless to say I am a rockstar and the nurses were amazed that I made it through two bags!!! I then had to stay one more night and continue taking potassium pills until it was back up to normal.  I went home on bedrest which would normally sound like a glorious wonderful restful thing.  Not so much.  I am the type that likes to do things for myself and leaving the housecleaning and cooking and such to my kids and husband almost killed me!  They have done amazing without a doubt, it’s just me that’s weird.  So anyway, I ended up back in the hospital a week later for another 24 hour urine and found out that my potassium was low again.  I freaked out but quickly calmed down when I found out I would be allowed to take the pills instead of having the drip again.  My blood pressure looked beautiful so I was sent home.  On bedrest….. So here I am on bedrest with a constant headache, up and down blood pressure, and just pretty much trying to keep this baby inside until at least 37 weeks.  That’s my personal goal.  If he stays longer I will be over the moon.  I have never had a pregnancy take over my life like this one has but it just proves that I am stronger than I thought I was and Oliver is one hell of a kid.

Last week we went in for our checkup and NST and we had decided that we were not going to do the 4D ultrasound because since we went ahead and found out the baby is a boy (my husbands first biological son) we wanted to leave at least what he looked like as a surprise.  We get weekly ultrasounds right now so we can keep up on how he is growing and thriving inside the ole belly.  We found out he is doing really well already weighing in at 5 lbs 11 oz which is a guesstimate but still is really good.  My doctor (who I must say is an angel sent from heaven) decided that since he had a really good view of his face and Oliver was staying really still he would pop up a 4D view of his face.  Incredible.  This baby looks a lot like my daughter Gwendolynne but what touched me was my husband.  Oliver looks like Gwen of course since they are directly related but he also looks amazingly familiar.  He looks like my husbands father who passed away last year.  When that picture came up my husband jumped up and ran to the huge TV hanging on the wall where Olivers face was pictured and he almost fell to his knees.  He was crying and amazed.  It was very special.  It just shows that no matter how many kids you have or how many times you have seen a baby born or even an ultrasound, it’s still pretty damn cool.  So even though we thought we didn’t want a 4D picture, we really are glad to have that for nothing else than to have something stare and smile at.  So his original name of Oliver ? Dumont has changed to Ronald Oliver Dumont in memory of my husbands dad.  We will still call him Oliver, but we feel that Ronald is the perfect first name for him.

So the purpose of this blog is to commemorate this pregnancy and the milestones Oliver will hit.  It is a way to be able to say things to him right now that I want to say.  Things I may forget I was feeling or wanting to say.  This blog is Olivers and I’m excited and feel blessed to be his momma.


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